Digital Dentistry Academy

Comprehensive and practice oriented training for digital dentistry for dental technicians

recommended by the National Dental Technician Association

Basic level

Do you want to get an insight into the world of digital dentistry?

Do you want to apply instant, comprehensive and practical knowledge?

Recent trends have shown that the spread of digital dentistry is now unstoppable and irreversible. The question now is not whether it should be changed, but when, at what pace and to what extent.

Learn the basics of digital dentistry and gain instant knowledge!

Our basic training is for those who are interested in the world of digital dentistry, but their personal relationship was still limited. I would like to learn from its foundations, and I would like to know in detail the most important basic steps of 3D design and production.

By completing the training, you will be able to create a suitable model for virtual design, be able to create a 3D model and use it to design traditional prostheses, as well as familiarize yourself with more manufacturing techniques.


Characteristics of our trainings:

  • Practice oriented: we provide practical opportunities during the training so you can gain practical, practice-oriented knowledge.
  • Creating Attitudes: our goal is not only to pass on knowledge and knowledge to you, but also to the concept of digital dentistry, which in the long run is much more than the knowledge itself.
  • Comprehensive: the training covers the whole process of manufacturing a perfect dentistry.
  • Brand Independent: our ultimate goal is to focus not only on one brand and its products, but also on a comprehensive picture of the possibilities, including possible combinations of options.
  • Small groups: number of groups – maximum 5 people to ensure practice orientation.
  • Introducing Relevant Technologies: during the training, the individual technologies (scanning, design, production) are also presented. Participants in the training – training – will be the first in Hungary to learn about dental 3D metal and plastic printing.
  • No additional training available elsewhere.
  • Support: after completing the training, we provide you with support and consultation on any

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  • Taking into account individual needs.
  • Prepare artists with significant practical experience.

Address: Nádor Office Center, 9024 Győr, Kálvária street 1-3.

Date: January 18, 2019. (Friday)

Duration of training: between 9.00 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Training fee: 59.000 HUF + VAT.