Mission, goals

Dissemination of 3D printing and related innovative solutions and knowledge to achieve sustainable development.ryobi one+ system top asian dating site


The overall objective of NOESIS is to promote the implementation of the strategies developed by the EU and the Hungarian Government, in particular

  • competitiveness and cohesion;
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  • education and training;
  • job creation;
  • research, development and innovation;
  • for horizontal purposes (sustainable development, equal opportunities and non-discrimination, equality between men and women);
  • to solve social problems and social responsibility.

Specific objectives of NOESIS:

  • to contribute to the introduction and dissemination of 3D printing and related innovative technologies and applications in Central Europe and especially in Hungary;
  • to become a well-known and recognized center for 3D printing in Europe;
  • to become a leading educational center in digital dentistry in Central Europe;
  • one of the leading education centers in the field of health 3D printing in Central Europe;
  • contribute to solving social problems as a social enterprise.


The company’s focus is on 3D printing and closely related areas (eg 3D imaging, 3D design). In a broader sense, the activity covers other so-called Industry 4.0 (eg digital production, digital processes) and, more generally, the development of digital skills.

One of the pillars of the company’s operations is the pursuit of social activities. Within this framework, a number of activities have been planned, which (non-exclusive) include: dissemination of knowledge, capacity building, awareness raising, mandatory community service / voluntary work, community building, incubation.

The other pillar is to do business, ensure financial and economic sustainability, ultimately to achieve the mission and the goals set.

Targeted business areas:

  • training (also OKJ), holding events;
  • technical consultancy, service, manufacturing;
  • business consultancy (market research, strategic, innovation consultancy);
  • creating a community function;
  • Preparation and implementation of R & D & I projects.

3D printing can be used in almost every field. At the same time, in line with domestic and regional opportunities, it is advisable to focus the activity on a few specialties, including setting priorities.

Our target areas:

  • dentistry,
  • health industry,
  • automotive,
  • jewelry industry,
  • retail sector.

Target groups

For target groups, it is advisable to distinguish between target groups of business and social activities. There is of course an overlap between the two target groups:

The target groups of business are basically:

  • companies,
  • individuals (retail sector),
  • governmental organizations, institutions,
  • research intitutions.

The target groups of social activity are basically:

  • educational institutions,
  • individuals,
  • NGOs (foundattion, association, etc.),
  • governmental organizations, institutions,
  • research institutions.