Digital Dentistry Academy

Comprehensive and practice oriented training for digital dentistry for dental technicians

recommended by the National Dental Technician Association


Would you like,
to meet customer needs cost-effectively, quickly and continuously at high standards?

Would you like,
to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their work to reduce work-related stress, will there be a significant reduction in warranty work?

Would you like,
to work with your colleagues, partners and customers much easier and faster?

Do you want
to have no limits before the number of customers increases?

Do you want
to have no distances and borders before your customers, partners / subcontractors grow?

Do you want
to profit from the opportunities offered by digital dentistry?

In the case of traditional technologies, the human factor plays an important role, individual abilities, so the quality of the products produced – even in the same professional – varies within a relatively wide range. In addition, acquiring the right skill and skill takes several years, which makes it difficult to provide the new generation.

Due to the characteristics of traditional technologies (eg. casting), some of the products are defective despite the greatest care, which requires the application of a strict quality control system, the re-manufacturing of the products, and the performance of warranty works.

As the distance from the customer and the partners increases – due to the deliveries – the time required for production increases significantly and cooperation with the customer becomes more and more difficult. Speed, effective collaboration in some cases – eg. dental tourism – a basic requirement for both dentists and patients.

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Characteristics of our trainings:

  • Practice oriented: we provide practical opportunities during the training so you can gain practical, practice-oriented knowledge.
  • Creating Attitudes: our goal is not only to pass on knowledge and knowledge to you, but also to the concept of digital dentistry, which in the long run is much more than the knowledge itself.
  • Comprehensive: the training covers the whole process of manufacturing a perfect dentistry.
  • Brand Independent: our ultimate goal is to focus not only on one brand and its products, but also on a comprehensive picture of the possibilities, including possible combinations of options.
  • Small groups: number of groups – maximum 5 people to ensure practice orientation.
  • Introducing Relevant Technologies: during the training, the individual technologies (scanning, design, production) are also presented. Participants in the training – training – will be the first in Hungary to learn about dental 3D metal and plastic printing.
  • No additional training available elsewhere.
  • Support: after completing the training, we provide you with support and consultation on any issues or problems that may arise.
  • Taking into account individual needs.
  • Prepare artists with significant practical experience.

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