Noesis 3D Innovation and Education Center

It is the center of the present digital tutorial

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The center was established in 2017 with the aim of getting to know the infinite possibilities of 3D printing and virtual design, which are becoming more and more popular today, with the players of different industries, target markets and those interested in technology. The founders of the training center have recognized that there is currently a great deal of space on the market for training organizations that provide comprehensive training on integrating additive production into existing digital processes. In line with this, one of our main goals is to provide comprehensive training on the combined use and application of digital processes and 3D printing 100 ds games list of dating site in asian
The two main pillars of our education are professional theoretical knowledge and practice orientation. In our courses, we provide not only the transfer of up-to-date theoretical knowledge, but also practical training. In order to ensure practicality, we show in concrete terms that, thanks to virtual design, for example, the range of products that can be produced is wide with the help of various 3D printers.

The goal of the Noesis team is to present and teach the world of innovative knowledge through 3D printing and virtual design during its various training sessions. Our instructors, lecturers have several years and even decades of digital design, manufacturing experience and professional dedication.

If you are interested in the 3D world, if you want to learn something revolutionary and if you want a usable knowledge, look for us with confidence and come to one of our trainings!


Zsolt Pásztor Dr.

Head of Noesis 3D Innovation and Education Center
Managing director of Premet Ltd., Vice-president of the Hungarian Additive Technnology Asocciation (MATESZ)